To satisfy increasing customer demand we have, over the years, expanded our range of quality instruments into many areas of shop-floor measurement and now also offer cost effective, quality solutions to external, depth and height measurement problems. Having translated the Bowers ethos of accuracy, quality, ease of use and value for money into our now extremely comprehensive range of gauges, we are currently the supplier of choice for hand held measuring instruments to many engineering and manufacturing companies throughout the world.

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Ultima - Sets

Sets including Sylvac probe holder with probe, digital readout, measuring heads, setting rings and full UKAS-certification.

Ultima probe holders are also available for customers who already have digital readouts made by other manufacturers.

Code Size
USET2 2-6mm
USET10 20-100mm
USET3 6-10mm
USET4 10-20mm
USET7 6-20mm
USET8 20-50mm
USET9 50-100mm
USET10W 20-100mm

Large Images (if available)

USET2 2-6mm